We supply service to Partners & Agencies

Cake Media HQ has been built on working with partners. We have been very successful in managing the relationship with both the Partner and the client, and have always focused on great communication and delivering the project well.

A partner program has been our primary source of business during the 6 years of operation, and continues to build, to the point where we do not employ any other marketing method.

We are now in production of our own online referral management program which manages the lead, communication, commissions between the two parties.

We have 2 types of partners; Referral Partners and Agency Partners.

Our Referral Partners are usually businesses who have connections to the business community. Commonly, they are Accountants, Solicitors and Business Coaches who refer their connections or clients to us. 

Agency Partners are essentially Australian agencies looking to utilise Cake Media HQ's behind-the-scenes "white label" strategy advice and resources to create efficiencies. This service is aimed at helping agencies pitch for extra business that they do not have in-house, and maintans a stronghold over current clients. It may also help in winning new business by providing the perception of having more capabilities and service "in-house".


Our partner service provides partners with a REVENUE STREAM  and extra resources and can be marketed under the partner's banner as an in-house creation. Often the resources aren't required between different projects/clients, so it makes business sense to bring in a team/s and equipment when required. 

Cake Media HQ's Partner offering includes everything;

  • Social Media
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Video Production

Please feel free to contact us if you're interested in a chat about this stuff......


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